This is the first release of the EasyFlash Cart Builder. This release is capable of building a valid EasyFlash cartridge image that utilizes both EasyAPI and EasyFS.

Cartridges are define in an XML file format. Each cartridge must define a boot image which must be a 16K Ultimax cart image. If you want EasyAPI included in your archive you need to include the standard EAPI marker at offset $3800 of your boot image.

All files specified in the manifest are inserted into the EF Cart bank aligned which makes it easier to extract the file data from the cartridge at the expense of empty space in the cart image.

Example Manifest File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<efcart name="EASYFLASH" outputfile="easyclief.crt">
<boot filename="easycli.bin" />
<file name="ovl.dispatcher" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />
<file name="cmd.dir" flags="1" />
<file name="cmd.mkdir" flags="1" />
<file name="cmd.del" flags="1" />
<file name="cmd.rmdir" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />
<file name="cmd.copymove" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />
<file name="help.dir" flags="1" />
<file name="help.mkdir" flags="1" />
<file name="help.rmdir" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />
<file name="help.del" flags="1" />
<file name="help.path" flags="1" />
<file name="help.copy" flags="1" />
<file name="help.move" flags="1" />
<file name="" flags="1" />

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